Percival: Wild Hunt Live

The co-authors of The Witcher 3 soundtrack, the great Polish band Percival, are coming to Brno, Czech Republic once again to deliver their incredible Wild Hunt Live show.

The band will perform music well known by all fans of The Witcher series, playing songs that were part of the Witcher 3 soundtrack in their original form. In addition to the music itself, you can look forward to video projections created specifically for this show.

Gorgeous visuals, breathtaking dance performances, beautiful costumes and perfect set design will ensure a magical experience with an unforgettable atmosphere. The Wild Hunt Live show has received tremendous positive feedback from reviewers and audiences alike. It will be a delight not only for fans of computer games, but also for all lovers of great music, amazing vocal performances, interesting musical instruments, folk and the world of fantasy.

So come to Hall P at BVV on 02.06.2024 and join us at the show!

Event Details

  • Doors open: 19:00
  • Start: 20:00
  • End: 22:00


Tickets available at



No, there won’t be a recording. First of all, as organisers, we believe it's better to witness such a show in person, rather than to watch it online.

Second, buying the necessary license would dramatically increase the cost of the ticket.

So unfortunately, no. Better invite some friends and enjoy a great evening!

No, it is strictly forbidden to create any records without the permission of the organizers.


We know it might seem fitting for the occasion, but this is still a public event, and the performers and your fellow attendees, as well as law enforcement, might not be very happy about this. So, no, please don't.

This applies to both real weapons and prop weapons.

No worries, we will keep you refreshed with a nice selection of beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks and some snacks you can buy in the hall.

Plus, VIP ticket holders can look forward to a special zone with free drinks, snacks, and of course the best view of the show.